29 Years.

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday. I love birthdays, no matter how old I am. The birthday isn't less sweet because I get further from 18, or 21, or 5. To me, it's like a personal day of Thanksgiving.

 Not to be sappy, or overly dramatic, but, a day to reflect and celebrate a number of things.
The day I was born. All that I have learned so far. All the people I've loved. All the pets that I've cuddled and walked and given baths to. All the books I've read (and written!). The places I've traveled. The number of chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting I have consumed for my birthday over the years (answer: 29.)

A day to be grateful for all the pieces of my life that have remained constant, and all of the pieces that have changed.

Plus, cake.
And cake.
Cake, cake, cake.

Also...if you are reading this and really embarrassed that you forgot my big day--fear not!
You can make my whole week with just a snag of a copy of one of my books on Kindle and then reading it. And then maybe, like it and want more. Alexandria Nolan Full Works on Amazon.com

I leave you with my favorite birthday quote.
"There are 364 days when you might get un-birthday presents... and only one for birthday presents, you know." Lewis Carroll

PS-Amsterdam on the blog next week!

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