Nolandia returns to New Orleans, the city where it all began. 

In 2011, we took our first real trip as a couple to the crescent city, and a few months later, we returned to Nawlins, and Mr. Nolandia proposed. Suffice it to say,we have a huge soft spot for the The Big Easy.

While New Orleans is definitely the place to get a very strong drink and casually walk down the street sipping on it, it is also a wonderfully complex place. Not just for raucous bachelor parties and too many sweet, rum-filled concoctions, but a city with depth and layers and so much history.  There's Ann Rice vampires and voodoo queens, beignets and gumbo. Po-boys and graveyards and ghosts and gambling. And it's beautiful. A city that has resurrected itself from disaster after disaster, too wild to be tamed, too strong to be broken.

Here's a few of our favorite spots:


That's it for now. See you next week with more restaurants + bars + things to do in The Big Easy, 


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