NOLA by Night

New Orleans at night. Romantic, wild, sketchy...all of the above and more. To really know New Orleans, you have to wander the streets at night. Karaoke spilling out of bars, and jazz drifting down the streets. Palm readers in Jackson Square, spooky haunted ghost tours. Tourists and locals threading down the sidewalks and boats gliding quietly over the water. 

There's a history here. A history of death: yellow jack, malaria, murder, slavery. But also a history of life. Life lived so large because death was always lurking around the corner in the muddy, mosquito-ridden bayou. But such a glamorous place. One can almost hear floor length dresses skimming the floor and the clink of champagne glasses to celebrate another day being alive. 

Pirates and debutantes, frontiermen and swindlers, prostitutes and proper society. All are, and have always been, right at home here. Is there any wonder the ghosts would want to come back to the Crescent City?

Our favorites:
The LaLaurie Mansion-- the most haunted house in America
GW FINS- Our favorite restaurant in NOLA

Enjoy and visit! xx
Next week: let's talk Budapest.

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