What do we have here? Well, I'm tired of the rep book lovers have. Whenever I tell people I love to read, they invariably give me that, Isn't-that-quaint-encyclopedia brown-nanny drew-mousy little bitch- look. But readers and writers can be...dangerous. And sassy. And sexy. We read about things and imagine things in our minds that you don't see on television. KnowwhatImsayinnnn'? 

So...Y'all come and check out my newest design. It's going up on some tote bags and coffee mugs for all my bookworm bombshells, and two lucky people will win a mug or a tote--their choice with my next giveaway. But, if you can't wait, check these designs out here: 

The new book drops at the end of October (at the latest early November-but will be available for pre-sale on Kindle in mid-October.) Moonlight Melodies will be the second installment of the Starlight Symphonies series, but if you didn't read the first one, you won't be lost. Different characters, same setting, different story. 

BUT, you will appreciate the story line more if you read the first one, PLUS it's been reviewed really well and all of my book clubs have enjoyed it. So, do me a solid, and yourself a favor, and just freaking buy the first one. And then the second one. And probably all of my books.  Not because it's going to make me loads of money (which it 100% won't) but because I'm putting my sassy ass book reading heart into these books, and you'll like 'em. (My mom told me that they're great.)

Anyway, Giveaway details coming on IG, totes, mugs, pillow cases and prints on Society6 and READ MY BOOKS, BITCHES. 


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