Budapest is a city of Bridges. Seven of them to be exact. The bridges link the cities of Buda & Pest, making them one great big gobbledy of Budapest awesomeness. While there, we were trying to put a label on the city, a pastime we often indulge in when traveling. One of us always brings up the cities it reminds us of that we have been to before, piecing together the qualities of different places to explain our newest adventure.

Except with Budapest, this was really difficult. Like the two different cities that join together to give birth to this new, joined city, it is a place of contrasts. Buda, ancient and dazzling, a combination of eastern influence and western ideas jammed into the architecture of every building on the steep, hillside streets. And Pest, giving Paris a run for its money with carved facades and statuary to make you gasp. Packed with ruin pubs, cafes, restaurants and swanky art-deco details lurking inside nondescript buildings. 

Some of our favorite Casual Eats + Drinks:
Szimpla- Ruin Pub- I have no words. Like a flea market met a garage sale and an explosion. The coolest pub I've ever seen
2 Spaghi- Fresh Pasta Restaurant- Homemade authentic Italian pasta made by a recent immigrant to Hungary. Right on par with the pasta we've had in Italy. and WAY cheap. 
Star Kebab- Ok, this is just a kebab place and it looks kind of like...garbage? But it was AMAZING. We ate there like 3 times. And again, so CHEAP. 
Fruccola- Salads and Soups Mr. Nolandia and I are suckers for big healthy salads when we travel. After eating at fancy schmancy restaurants at night and too much wine -a lot of the time we wake up and say "I need salad. Now." And so we are fortunate enough to find the best places everywhere we explore. Fruccola is incredible. 

Stay tuned for next week's post with fancier dining options and wine tastings + Hotel recommendations. 

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