Everyone Come See How Good I Look

Ok, so I recently found this company--Brass Clothing-- and I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I have purchased 4 of their basic dresses (for not so basic bitches) and every one of them has been a smash hit. And not only with me, but with Mr. Nolandia. 

As I've discussed before, I need high-quality, packable, coordinate-able, easy to wear and care for clothing. And this is it. The jackpot. 

I would easily say that the best part is that they pay for your tailoring to ensure that your dress fits perfectly. And their customer service is a dream. Even answering questions like, "Will this dress look good on me?" And taking it seriously. 

Anyway, if you sign up with your e-mail on their website they'll shoot you  a $10 coupon. This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just really, really, dig these dresses and thought you ladies might as well. 

In conclusion: 
  • Dresses fit like a dream--and if they don't, you can have them tailored on Brass' dime
  • Perfect for suitcase folding and travel ready
  • I look amazing in the above photo
  • They have an interesting business model  that you can read about on their website
  • Did you notice how good I look?
  • The dresses are that perfect mix of sexy/classy/I no longer shop in the junior section
  • Me + Brass Dresses= Hot.

Anyway, just paying the good style forward. Check it out: BrassClothing.com


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