Moonlight Melodies + Starlight Symphonies

The holidays are here, like it or lump it. (How does one 'lump it', by the by?) Anyway, they're here, and if you are traveling, flying, sitting with relatives, crying at home by yourself, you probably need a good book. Or two.

Well, you're in luck. The Kindle sale on Starlight Symphonies & Moonlight Melodies has been extended. Why? Because it's almost ChristKwanzannukah. And also, because I am lazy and I haven't changed the price yet. But more because it's the holidays and I'd like more people to find my books, hopefully like them, and then become lifelong fans and/or friends/adorers of my work.

Anyway, two novels, parts 1 & 2 in the series (book 3 scheduled for late 2016) at a reduced price just in time for all of your holidays needs. You're welcome. And also, thank you. Yes, you. You're the best.

Order Starlight Symphonies of Oak & Glass by clicking: HERE
Order Moonlight Melodies of Copper & Pine by clicking: HERE

See you back next week 

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