Paris Christmas

Christmas in Paris. It sounds like a dream, like a fantasy. When I was a little girl, I used to believe Paris was a fairytale kind of place, like Camelot or Narnia. A place too beautiful and fanciful and full of light to be a real place in geography.

As an adult, in the several times I have been there I have seen that it is in fact real, and due to recent events, it is all too obvious to the world that it is a place prey to terrorism and evil.  But it is also still vibrant bright light and magic. It is a place that transcends the imagination, becoming even more of a delight to walk about it, peruse in, sip in, kiss in.... than it is in one's imagination.

And so, we return. To sip pots of chocolat chaud, and munch macarons and throwback starry-light champagne and to fall in love again with each other, and life, and Paris and Christmas.


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