I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, like everyone else did. And after getting rid of gobs of garbage, I surveyed my now-airy closet and assessed for items that it lacked. I noted the need for a plain pair of black pumps, and also...the need for a crisp, white oxford to wear with dress pants or with shorts, or by itself with sunglasses as I slide across the wood floor, Tom-Cruise style.

So, this company, Tradlands, came up on my radar, and after reading the info on their website I was blown away. American-Made shirts brought to you by a husband and wife duo with a passion for detail, customer service and craftsmanship. These are menswear inspired shirts, heirloom quality, designed and created for women.

Which tickled the American pride in my heart, and also the tomboy that lives inside my skin.

So, I'm proud to partner with Tradlands and offer Nolandia readers 20% off until January 31st, with code: nolandia

So, check out their full line and support this dope-ass company that makes us all believe a little more in the 'Murican dream.

Shop Tradlands and don't forget code: nolandia for 20% off your purchase!


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