Chicago Views

I'd forgotten how gorgeous Chicago was. How full of history, and at the same time modern life and fabulous drinks and bomb-ass food. 

For me, it's easy to take Chicago for granted, being from the Midwest. Outside of Detroit, it was sort of the closest "big city" that came to mind. So, I never really thought of it at all. 

But the museums are incredible, the architecture--world class, and you know that pizza is as thick as my thighs. (Weird mental picture, or what?) 

Anyway, I'd forgotten just how much there was to do, to see, to experience. I'd forgotten how many of my friends were waiting for me in the Windy City, how many memories I'd left there the last times I'd visited. 

Chicago, we'll be seeing you again soon. 

But if you're visiting, check: 
Art Institute of Chicago- The American collection//Italian Renaissance Art is top shelf
Lou Malnati's -Arguably the best deep dish in Chicago//also great if you want a really bad stomachache
Little Goat- I recommend the Macaroni & cheese and the Chocolate malt. (Yup, dinner of a champion)

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