Don't Be Fooled

Doesn't this look lovely? 

Well, it wasn't. There were dead fish lying about, horrible odors that came from a mixture of dirty water, rotting sea-life and general untidiness of the sea near Galveston. The sand was hard and damp, and the people at the beach, by and large, were a little unsavory. 

But doesn't it look charming?

I was in a bad mood, and spitting venom this day. I was snarky and mean and full of vitriol. I have never liked the water of the ocean overmuch, preferring the fresh water lakes of my youth. I was angry at Mr. Nolandia and annoyed by family concerns and anxious over the time I was spending on the beach rather than working on my newest book. I felt bloated and fat and unhappy with the sheer amount of my bottom that was falling out of my...bottom. 

But isn't it serene? 

Not that anyone needs to be warned, yet again, but I thought perhaps I'd lend my voice. Do not trust images, they lie easily. Do not trust the appearance of happiness or relaxation or calm. Do not be fooled by the lies we so easily can weave around the pictures we share. They hold gory, sad secrets.

Be wary, beware. We all have moments of ugliness, and also moments of beauty, and they can both be dyed the same color. 

But, really, isn't this dreamy?


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