Packing for Mexico

Look at this stank face I have going on. I should be grinning like an idiot. 

Don't mind me, just walking to this rock, to uh, look at it, as one does. Totally candid. 

Yes, this picture has been edited. Heavily. And with zero shame. That's what iPhones are primarily used for, right?

I know, I know, you wanted a lovely little packing list that has been made into a cutesy graphic and lists how many of each thing to bring for x amount of days of a trip with temperatures ranging from y to z in any given month. But I'm not that kind of blogger and this isn't that kind of blog. 

Basically, I went to Puerto Vallarta, on a whim, with Mr. Nolandia. We needed a life break from his crazy job, and I'm just all like, hey travel whatever, and so we went. Puerto Vallarta is plenty touristy, but we were lucky to find a little villa, which I will not tell you the name of unless you send me mucho dinero because I don't want everyone to go and then ruin it. This little villa was a few miles outside of town, right on the beach, with one whole wall basically just being open air terraces. It was heaven. 

The weather was hot, and subsequently the very Irish and fair-skinned Mr. Nolandia went up in almost literal flames, but I was left just very teasingly bronzed, which was wonderful. Did I mention this trip was a dream? I mean, for me, obviously. Mr. Nolandia was peeling and actually on fire from the heat of a thousand suns. 

Back to the clothing. 

So, I really don't own a lot of clothing. I know that sounds crazy, and that you may not believe me, but having a lot of...stuff.... makes me really ill. I am purging all the time. And that can be a rough spot for tropical vacations. Especially if you are trying the whole capsule wardrobe thing, which I am...but accidentally. I'm more of a capsule person by fluke than by choice. (because of the obsession with not having a lot of stuff) But, again, tropical vacations can be rough to pack for when you have limited things. Especially when most of your things must be work/life/travel friendly to various climates. 

The hat in the top picture is a Whole Foods purchase. It's from San Diego hat company, which is, a thing I guess. I saw it and liked it, and it became mine. It is my only hat. It looks so awesome though that I feel like I should have more. Am I right? The black maxi was what I wore on the plane with a jean jacket over top. The dress is from Brass, and YOU GUYS IT HAS POCKETS. Deep ones. So, like, big enough for my passport and my iPhone as I moved through security and customs. And there's something about a maxi dress on an airplane that feels like a blanket, and yet everyone thinks you're super chic. Win. Wins all around. 

Anyway, the rest of the clothes I packed were a white cover-up/mostly translucent dress with TASSELS! a pair of denim jeans with two Everlane tanks, a jumpsuit from Bobi Los Angeles and a crop top/thrifted skirt combo The skirt of which I sometimes wear to work(with an appropriate shirt, of course), because hey, versatility. 

My biggest thing: don't pack too much. I wore the same white dress to the beach every day with my pareo/wearable beach blanket tied around my hips. I wore the jeans never and I forgot what a bra was. 

The maxi was perfect for the flights both ways and for grabbing tacos the moment we got into town. We brought, literally, one carry on bag each. So, two people, two bags, 4 days. That's it. My purse even fit inside. 

So there you are. My packing list for Mexico. Pack light. Pack little. Get the most out of your clothes. If you have less to pick from on the trip, you have even less to worry about. 


Top picture:
Hat: San Diego Hat Company
Necklace: BuenoBueno

Hat: see above
Dress: VS (this is the one I wore every day. I was on the fence about the purchase, but we have Italy two times this summer, and so, a breezy white TASSELED dress was a must. 

Crop top: Brandy Melville, but like 3 years ago This is an interesting piece. It's not high quality, but it has lasted and it always fits like a glove. I can't bring myself to get rid of it, because I LOVE it.
Skirt: Thrifted, and then heavily tailored. I love my tailor. 
Large Roman Nose: My Dad. My dad gave me this nose. Thanks, Dad. 

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