Golden Latte

Coffee and I have a weird relationship. I only like it when it is drowned in heavy cream and sugar, and even then it bothers my stomach. I'll do a café con hielo in Spain or a café  freddo in Italy--but if I'm at a coffee shop in the US I'll usually go for chai or herbal tea. 

So...when I heard of Golden Milk and Turmeric Lattes, I was intrigued. I mean, 'golden milk' sounds like something a deity would drink in a fantasy novel or a compendium of ancient mythology. There's a bevy of recipes online for varying renditions of this drink, but the one I drink most often is a take on this version from the Goop

To this recipe, I add a little black pepper, some cinnamon, I substitute local honey in for coconut sugar. Oh, and I use unsalted grass-fed butter instead of coconut oil, but that's just because I had the butter in the fridge and the whole coconut oil craze makes me a little nervous anymore. 

Anyway, check the recipe above, and make yourself a cup. Turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties, and turmeric is touted for all kinds of miracles. From aiding in depression to clearing your skin and regulating your weight, there's a long history of the benefits of turmeric across cultures. Check this article if you're interested: Turmeric Benefits.

Anyway, it's delicious, and it's golden and I like gold and yummy things. 

That is all. 
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