I'll be wearing black.

Hey lovers-- mama's busy this week.

Last week I traveled on up to Boston to hang with my mama, my pal Courtney (who is also a chief babe) and the ladies over at Brass for a Babefest! Courtney and I are two of the Brass Clothing Chief Babes, who mentor other Brass fans and aficionados. I've written about Brass before, but, in a nutshell, they're a badass female owned company of superladies who create curated wardrobes of fabulous clothing.

The trip to Boston was to finally meet these CEOs in person and to have some cocktails, lunch, snap some pictures, attend some events like a total BAMF and wear some lovely dresses. 

So, here's a referral link, I think it gives you some kind of discount or free shipping, or tells people we're buddies, or something. Snag some Brass here.

Anyway, I'll get my life together and put out my travel post of these adventures next week. 

In the meantime, keep it Brassy...sassy lassies.
 Too much? 
No, not enough. 


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