New Orleans, Again

This past Labor Day we took a trip on over to New Orleans, and though it was much looked forward to, it was a disappointment. 

The hotel situation was fraught with billing issues, the drive from Texas to NOLA was a nightmare, the tours were lackluster, we packed the wrong clothing and we were worried about our animals at home. 

Not every trip is destined to be the greatest ever taken. 

But, I think the most important thing about traveling is what each trip teaches us about ourselves and each other. And, in this regard, the trip was a success. Because even against the setbacks and the bad times and the money spent and gone, we always adore each other. Even after I've screamed "I hate you!" 30 times while driving through pouring rain in a traffic jam, or he's taken his 14th work call in 2 hours, we're still glad to be together. There's something important about that, I think. 

On the bright side, we bought some beautiful original art, had some incredible gumbo and a damn fine Pimm's Cup in America's oldest stand-up bar. 
Art: Gustavo Trujillo Art
Gumbo: GW Fins--(y'all, check their Lobster dumplings too. So good!)
Pimm's Cup: Tujague's Bar
Bonus--Cool 19th century house: 1850 House


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