Boston, in two days. 

Did I see everything? No. Did I even really know what there was to see? Nope. 

But, I did my darnedest. First, Mr. Nolandia wasn't there, and since he is a human GPS, finding our way around (My mother, Courtney + I) was a bit of an experience. I was literally lost without my husband. (See what I did there?)

But, other than that, we ate some seafood, we went to the sky observatory thing in the Prudential Tower, we had clam chowder, we walked the Freedom Trail, someone said the words "wicked smaht" to me and all in all, my experience was complete. (AND we got to meet the ladies of Brass Clothing, so that was wicked awesome.)

So, my favorite spots:


And guys, use uber in Boston. The uber drivers I met when there were the most interesting, funny, kind and wonderful bunch I've ever had. 

That's all folks. I was only there two days for goodness sakes. 

Heading to Scotland for a bit, an update coming your way when I get back. AND.... have you read the new book yet? THE WORD COLLECTOR on AMAZON 



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