Brass Babes

Let me tell you a quick story about Brass. 

First of all, this isn't an advertisement. More like, an ode. 

I discovered Brass over a year ago, I'm not certain precisely when, through a Facebook ad. I clicked over to the website, and ordered a dress that very day. And then over the next few weeks, I ordered another. And then another. And then a month or two later I ordered more. And with each purchase, because I am obnoxious, and most definitely that girl, I started to send quirky emails to the women in the company. Asking questions. Sharing photos. Telling them stories about how I was going to wear the items.  And I began to really like them. 

Now, truth be told, fashion isn't really my thing. As I write this, I am wearing a men's tailored oxford shirt, un-ironed, with the sleeves rolled up and some jeggings that are 2% spandex away from being yoga pants. And with how often we travel, we both have become extremely careful about clothing that packs well, travels well, and can be repurposed throughout an adventure. And Brass is perfect for that. And it also lends me a little polish. 

But not only did they make clothes that I found stylish and useful for my lifestyle, the more I learned about the women who started it all, the more I realized that the clothes weren't merely fabric and stitching, but representative of a lifestyle and a group of like-minded women I wanted to know better. 

So, Brass Babes began. A small group of us on Facebook talking style, ethical fashion, trends, simplifying our closets, our pantries, our lives. And then it expanded further, growing into a community of rad ladies. I had an opportunity to meet a member of the group when she was traveling in my city for work, and then we met again, and then we planned a trip to Boston together to meet Katie and Jay, the Brass ladies themselves. Boom-3 new friends.

And now, they are looking for more Brass babes to join the conversation. You don't have to buy their clothes. You don't have to buy anything. We just want your ideas. Your experiences. Your thoughts about pockets and necklines and tailoring and the best way to start conversations about  things that matter and how to find people all over the world who you might connect with--all because of a few dresses. 

Check out Katie's post on the Brass Blog if you're interested in becoming a Brass Babe, or to see a little more of what it is about. The Lowdown on the Chief Babes

Or, if you want to be as posh as I have become (sort of, still not ironing anything), check the clothes here: Snag some Brass


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