Word Collecting

Yo. I've been working hard on a short novel before I finish up the Starlight Symphonies Series with the 3rd and final book. 

And this short novel, I think it's pretty rad. It has been a lot of fun and very low stress to write as I'm coming off the monster of human emotion that was The Word Collector.  I am thinking it will be ready for publication by Christmas. But in the meantime, if you have some holiday shopping to do for the bibliophile in your life, look no further than this ever-expanding pantheon of Alexandria V. Nolan books.  Support your indie makers, writers and artists, folks--we need it. 

Also, Scotland posts are at the top of my to-conquer list, so buckle up for a romp through Edinburgh, Stirling and the rest of our adventures--next week on the blog. 

Anyway, all books available here: THESE BOOKS WERE MADE FOR READING


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