Around Old Town Edinburgh

Ain't Edinburgh charming? It was definitely difficult to come home and look at the ugliness of Houston after being surrounded by such splendor. The best thing about Edinburgh is walking around, eyes glued on the buildings. Each one seems to tell a different story. And each edifice most assuredly has a story. Several. Several hundred or thousand most probably. It seems impossible to consider the history these windows have winked out on and the souls that have passed in and out of the doors. How many sunrises and sunsets, tourists and locals have came and went? That's the beautiful thing about history, isn't it? How connecting it is. 

On either end of the Royal Mile sits two castles. Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House. Both are majestic, vast and awe-inspiring. Both are worth touring and have their own stories of mischief, murder, and intrigue. Just a few streets behind High Street is the bulk of the University of Edinburgh and its own histories and museums, students grabbing coffee and heading to the library. Just before you get to High Street you are at Waverley Station, trains arriving from all over the UK every few minutes. And near there, Princes St. gardens with sweeping lawns and green and gold and orange everywhere. The National gallery is nearby as well, and is free, the most spectacular art dotting the walls with no expense to the viewer except your eyes and attention and endurance of seeing so many works all at once. 

That's Edinburgh. 
Well, kind of. We have't even scratched the surface. 


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