Houston Women's March

Words fail. Truly. The Women's March on Houston was an important piece of my adult life. Those words sound so puny and small compared to the experience of it, though. 

I felt...surrounded on all sides by LOVE. By common goals, experiences, support, HOPE. There was so much Love in this march. Women, men, young, old, every color of skin. Babies, wheelchairs, police officers, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, strollers, dogs, singing, clapping, hugging, LOVE. 

To believe in equality and justice so firmly, and to have met with resistance in my every day life. To have your beliefs challenged, dismissed, explained away, ignored...and then to suddenly find an ENORMOUS swelling of people. A tribe of others that all echo your truest beliefs. To see people marching for me, and know I am in turn marching for them. 

Words fail. They always do, don't they? Even for a writer like me. But LOVE. I hope it shows in these pictures. Because it was POWERFUL and PALPABLE and EVERYWHERE. 


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