Is it even worth attempting to explain this place? I believe the pictures do a better job than I ever could with meager words. So much brilliant color, and life, and natural beauty. My mother asked me again and again if it was, "like Amalfi?" and it is, but it also isn't, at all. Villefranche has its own fresh loveliness that really, truly cannot be compared. While we were there we took day trips to Nice and Monaco, and both times, coming back to Villefranche Sur Mer was like a comfortable yawn when we arrived back. A slower, sleepier, cozier kind of place that, because of lack of tourists, felt like our own little slice of the Riviera. I would highly recommend the off-season. Sure, it was a little chilly, but when the sun was out the locals were on the beach in bathing suits and crisp rose and white wine was drunk and enjoyed outside by all. (Including, of course, us). We found the perfect little place to get our fix for European football and my favorite--Campari spritz. 

Les Palmier Perfect for soccer watching and their salads are marvelous
Marechiaro- Italian food like woah

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild- a quick bus (or walk away) at St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Up next: Monaco


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