It's my birthday week. 

Technically, my birthday is on Friday, when I will be in Spain, probably travel-drugged and half crazy. But then I will sleep an hour or two, wake up and gorge on tapas and slug some sangria and paella myself until my face falls off.

But, it's my birthday, and I've never given up on that being special, even though it can seem awfully silly as an adult. But, I contend that there is nothing childish about a birthday. I like presents. And cake. And attention. And cards. It's a celebration that marks your years on the planet, and making it as far as you have and the day you were born. It invites reflection about lessons learned and places traveled and hopes for the coming year. Like a personal New Year's celebration, really. 

That said, I'm offering The Word Collector on Kindle for $2.99 just for the week around my Birthday.  It isn't my most recent book, or necessarily my favorite (choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child, I'm sure) but it is one of my most personal. It has a rawness to it and punches in the gut when I re-read the pages, and it makes me exceptionally proud. 

So, as a gift from me and to me, snag yourself a copy and read it. 
Happy Birthday to me, to us. 


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