Daily Bread

I read once that marriage is like bread. It must be baked fresh every morning or else it becomes stale and rotten. I always took that to mean that marriage is something that must be begun again with every new day. A task that is never finished. A relationship that must be constantly measured, kneaded, given time to rise, and only then is it something worth the efforts of the creation. And then the next day- begun again anew.

I struggled to write a post this week. I chose not to write one last week because after all the horror I saw on the news, nothing seemed worth writing. This is not a political blog, though I, myself, am a political person. But I intentionally keep heavy topics away from my page. There are enough places for that, I think. Enough places that I voice my opinions and thoughts and read those of others. This is a blog about travel, and books, and ideas and recipes and creativity and lovely things. Sometimes, it feels like those are frivolous topics, and I suppose they are. But, they are the topics that bring me the most joy, and I think, this blog serves as a place for refuge for some people. Away from current events, away from the debates and angry words and terror that seems to be all around these days. 
I mean, honestly, it seems like every country we've traveled to in the last year has had some sort of attack, not to mention the one we live in. 

So this is my haven, and like any creation, I think every post I write has to have merit. I must begin anew every week. And I think the bread baking lesson is one worth applying to everything. Every day take time to knead and stir,  form and change life into the one we want to live.  Alter the way we talk to each other. Spend more time on the way we form relationships at work, online, with our own parents, with ourselves. Begin fresh every day, lest your life grows stale and putrid--that's when hate wins. When the world has succeeded in convincing you that there is only rot and darkness, when really all one needs to do is begin again, look at the world fresh. Take action. Start. Bake your daily bread.

And for the recipe for these incredibly simple and beautiful loaves, please visit:
I simply added a little fresh rosemary from my garden to one of the loaves and it's probably the best one. 

And next week will be a travel post, gosh darn it!

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