I am ashamed to say that I didn't capture as many pictures of York as I should. By the time we made it to York on our little jaunt through the Northern UK, I was well and truly sick. I was blowing my nose every 5 minutes or so, coughing up my lungs, and had lost the majority of my appetite. 

But, even for all that, I absolutely loved the city. I loved the charming streets and the old-fashioned picture postcard shopfronts. I was delighted by the museums, especially the York Castle Museum, and surprisingly, the National Railway Museum. Not because of the trains themselves, but because many of the 19th century models were kitted out with the dazzling sumptuousness of an age I can only dream of living in. 

And York definitely takes Christmas seriously. And if you know me, you know that Christmas, to me, is most definitely a pretty serious thing. So when we entered the St. Nicholas Market, we were both in heaven. Hot cocoa, boozy and regular, mulled cider and wine, handmade ornaments and jewelry and toys and everything you else can imagine (LIKE THE MOST WONDERFUL BROWNIES KNOWN TO MAN) The whole city was dressed up for Christmas, and it seemed almost wrong to be leaving before celebrating the holiday with the rest of York. 

There were also a myriad of antique shops, where we both practiced our best Antiques Road Trip cheeky offers (most of which were refused) but were fun to visit nonetheless. There was certainly an element of embarrassment in comparing these shops to the American equivalent, where the word 'antique' seems to carry a completely different meaning. 

All in all, we loved York. From almost the beginning we were planning our return trip, and so, watch out--we'll be back. (maybe to stay? And next time with DayQuil?)

Betty's York- One of the loveliest afternoon teas we ever did have
Brew & Brownie- Great little café for coffee, tea, soup, etc.
Skosh- Possibly one of the greatest restaurants in the world
Stonegate Teddy Bears- For your inner child. Or, if you have kids, for your actual child. 

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