Spring Reads

It's spring! (technically, though it doesn't feel that way at all.) And with a new season comes a new reason to remind you that man and (woman) cannot live on bread alone, and you must feed your mind BOOKS. Preferably, MY books.

With that in mind, I am going to serve up two reviews for the books above, and then you can click on over to the links and buy them. Deal? Deal. And they ARE a deal, because the Kindle version of both is only $2.99, which is almost like me giving them away except I'm not, and instead I'm charging a low price and still making a meager profit in order that I not have to live on bread alone--if you catch my drift.

Praise for Forget Me Not Blue

"Don’t hesitate to dive into this book. The plot is intriguing and as with most of Nolan’s novels, you will find ghosts and magic that we often miss in our real world. You will become immersed in this tale of two strong women fighting for what they want. Like the flower, Forget Me Not Blue is a tale you will not forget." --Amazon Reviewer Mark

Praise for Starlight Symphonies of Oak & Glass

"The author is a masterful story-teller and weaves a magical tale that is nothing short of spellbinding. Her writing style is artistic, imaginative and poetic! A must read!"--Amazon Customer Review

"This book had me captivated from the first chapter. Filled with magic, history, mystery, and romance, leaving you wanting to read just "one more chapter". So much depth to the characters! I want more and hope that there is a sequel!"--Amazon Reviewer Amber

There's a taste of the good things being said. And the good news for everyone who wanted a sequel to Starlight Symphonies, is that there is one: Moonlight Melodies--and a threequel? A third in the trilogy coming out later this year called Sunlight Serenades of Wind & Iron. Get the first two books in the series read before the new one comes out, and get Forget Me Not Blue checked off your reading list PRONTO. It's good, you guys.  (Even the reviews say so.)

Happy Spring, though it's too cold, and get to reading, it's good for you. 

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