San Miguel Streets

The streets of San Miguel are gorgeous. Brightly colored, cheerful. In places luxurious, richly painted and well-tended with charming cobblestones, and in other places grubby, forgotten and broken. It's a strange mish-mash of culture, society and the people who call San Miguel home. There's something intoxicating about the city, and no matter how many times you walk the same cobblestones, you can't seem to get enough.
It is both familiar and welcoming and yet elusive at the same time. The coffee shop we frequented--Kibok Coffee--made us feel locals, as did many of the restaurants and streets. But then we'd turn a corner and Boom! Everything was new and different and it was clear we had so much more to explore and learn. 

We stayed in SMA for a week, and we felt like we kind of did it all--and also felt like we barely scratched the surface. A beautiful place, a twisting, winding cobblestone street friendly place.

I guess we'll have to go again.

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