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Feeling the cold weather? Me too. Canada is...ridiculous. I thought I knew what cold was coming from Michigan, but...I was mistaken. It's freezing here. 

So, how better to torture myself (and you) than with pictures of warm weather Mexico and the charming city of San Miguel. It's January now, Christmas is over, there's not an end to these frigid days in sight (at least for me) so how about some recommendations if you ever visit the lovely San Miguel de Allende ( which you absolutely should)

Mexican Hot Chocolate and Churros:

Do I need to explain this? Churros and hot chocolate delicious and inexpensive. Go.

Beautiful terrace views, excellent posole soup and of course, the margs are fantastic.
You guys, it's called the "The Fat Mermaid" for goodnesssakes. The ginger margaritas are insane and the ceviche was top notch. 
incredible views, good vibes, excellent churro dessert and the margarita is dangerous

Plan your trip. Now. You deserve it.

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