She Cooks! Greek Spinach Quiche

Ok, so Quiche is not the healthiest thing in the world. But, it can be modified to be much healthier and satisfying. A lot of times when we change our diet, we think that we have to eliminate our favorite foods completely. Not true. With a little portion control, some ingredient tweaks and moderation, eating some of our fav dishes is not out of the question. 
Gosh, it's beautiful

I dig quiche. It's an easy, make-ahead-for-the-week dish that stores well, and Terrence and I don't mind eating it for a few days in a row. 

Score for me when I want to work out, read, blog, or if Jables needs someone to lay on.
Jables has needs too

I use this recipe as a base: Greek Spinach Quiche
but then I make a few modifications.

*First, I double it because I am trying to get out of cooking duty for a few days and most store bought pie crusts come two to a package. I usually buy the gluten free or the whole wheat from Whole Foods. 

*I use low-fat feta cheese and a little more than it calls for.

*I justify more feta cheese by using two whole eggs and then 5-6 egg whites instead of the 6 eggs the recipe advises.

* I add marinated artichokes, because.... they taste really awesome. 

Try this recipe out and either follow the recipe to a T, use my modifications, or try your own! What are some veggies you like to add to your quiche? 

Eat Lean xoxo

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