Yum Review: Quest Nutrition

Recently, I contacted Quest Nutrition about their bars. I had seen a lot of instagrammers RAVING about them and I wanted to see if the hype was warranted.

Yes, yes it was. 
All that an'  a box of protein bars

First of all, the people at Quest could not have been nicer. After reading some of my blog, they responded back and asked for my address, then a week later I got a 12 pack sample box to try. 

The bars are amazing. And I mean that. Amazing. I expect a lot from my protein/energy bars and this was above and beyond. Heat one up in the microwave for 15 seconds and HOLY COW! They're like multi-flavored cookies right out of the oven.

Terrence and I both tried them (although I only gave him a few of the flavors that I wasn't as interested in because I am kind of selfish- but hey, I'm the blogger!) And our favorites were:
*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
*Chocolate Brownie
*Coconut Cashew
*Chocolate Peanut Butter

Honestly though, even the flavors I wasn't as excited about were great. If one can be impressed by a protein bar, then consider me overwhelmed with enthusiasm.

The bars come in two lines, original and 100% natural. Now obviously, I was most pumped about the all natural line but even the Original Line has good ingredients. 
The All Natural Line claims, no sugar, no artificial sweetener, no glycerine (that's an ingredient? I thought it was a song by Bush) no soy, and only 4-6 grams of Non Fiber carbs. 
Their tagline is "Junk Free Snacks that Make You Better" and I can believe it.

Let's just say Quest made back their investment in my 12 pack within a week, when I ordered a 12 pack of the Chocolate Peanut Butter, a 12 pack of the Coconut Cashew and 4 single Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughs. (I can't control myself)
Had to.

Finding high quality, nutrition dense products that actually work can be tricky, and bars that taste good? Even harder. As a lover of healthy food and fuel for my body, it's products like this one that make my goals more easily attainable and the ride to my goals more enjoyable. Find products that work for you and that fit your healthy lifestyle values.

Check them out for yourself and enjoy!
Eat lean! xo
Quest Nutrition
This was on the back of the Quest Box...pretty rad, right?

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