Around Our Town: Houston's Blue Trees

As I mentioned after we got back from Europe, Terrence and I had decided to get to know the character of our adopted city of Houston a little better. We recently stumbled upon an interesting artistic statement  made in a park near our apartment, whilst on a run.

To read about the background and reason behind the act, see here-Houston's Blue Trees . Terrence and I had passed the trees while driving many times, but it was quite another thing to be able to walk among and through the blueness of the trees. Sort of surreal. Now, if you didn't take the time to read the article, the trees have not been dyed, but rather colored. The color will naturally fade and does not harm the trees in any way.
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I felt like I had stepped into a painting, a child's drawing or into Wonderland. It was as if we were being rewarded for our running journey to be able to spend some time in the calm of the branches of the crepe myrtles. 

A reminder of the beauty and freshness of the world around us, and to never stop exploring or experiencing. 

Live Well xx

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