Easy Recipe: Cilanto/Mushroom/ White Bean Mix Up

Today's recipe comes from my Dad. He is king of recipe innovation and easy throw-together meals. Growing up, he was the main cook, and he's awesome at it. 

This recipe includes beans and tofu for protein, and takes about 10 minutes to whip up. You can make it really thick and put it in a wrap or leave it a little thinner and eat it as a stew. You can easily sub in shrimp or chicken in lieu of tofu.


12 oz White Beans
1 package mushrooms (I usually eat crimini)
Cornstarch (2 tablespoons or use until desired thickness)
1 carton vegetable (or chicken) Broth
Tofu (firm)\
A whole lotta Kale (like half a head, or as much as you dare. It cooks down)
21 Seasoning Salute (Trader Joe's)
1 Medium Sweet Onion

The Method: 

In a large skillet, cook onions and mushrooms until soft.
Add broth, beans, and tofu to skillet heat through
Add seasoning and cornstarch
(tip: mix the cornstarch up in a separate container with a little water before adding it to mixture, it will prevent clumping and mix more easily)
Allow to cool and top with cilantro

 Eat healthy! xx

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