Yum Review: Hail Merry Macaroons

Some months back, Terrence and I stumbled onto a sampling of these little beauties at Whole Foods, and we were hooked.

We already love everything coconut. So when we saw how amazing the ingredients are, we were even more bowled over. 
Here are the basic ingredients in a Hail Merry Macaroon: organic shredded coconut, organic maple syrup, natural raw almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, sea salt.
Obviously add cacao for the chocolate, etc.

This is the brand promissory on their website:


WHY: Hail Merry exists to help people achieve higher health.
HOW: By creating truly great tasting recipes that use consciously sourced pure ingredients prepared in innovative ways that protect the integrity of the plant based dietary oils, which can offer side benefits to the body not unwanted side effects.
WHAT: Hail Merry is a category redefining snack-food company born out of the yoga culture and led by women who seek to nurture each other, our employees, our partners, our customers and our families.

Umm, yeah. We ARE talking about macaroons. 

Truly, they are delicious. We have tried the blonde, chocolate, and caramel sea salt and they are all equally yummy. They have a high calorie content, because they are RAW and made from coconut oil (which means that they are AWESOME for you). Terrence and I limit ourselves to one each per night after dinner, and although I would like to eat the whole bag, I resist so that I will have more for the next day.

So seriously, pick some up from Whole Foods, buy off their website, whatever. They are fantastic and HEALTHY!
Snack Deliciously, xx
Hail Merry Macaroons

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