I'm SO Down....with my Dogs//Yoga Certified AT LAST

Ahh, no balance today for me..so my dancer pose is more like "break dancer pose"

Half moon? Right?

partner yoga--dannng why my legs so long?

The fam
Well, it's all over with. Everyone taught the class, everyone developed a style, everyone passed and most of us cried on our last day. Yoga training is a beautiful place to meet people. It's so honest and loving. Everyone had a different story, a different life, different goals and obstacles... and more than any group I have ever been in- I really felt as if I truly "saw" everyone for who they are.

Yoga was something I loved, but I had a lot of doubts in my abilities. Throughout the week the doubts waxed and waned and waxed again... and on Friday our last day I felt a rush of excitement and confidence. I can't wait to get out there and start bringing calm, love and some REALLY stretched out, stronger muscles to my future clients.
If you're in the Houston area, HIT ME UP!
Namaste y'all!

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