You say it's your Birthday//It's MY Birthday too, yeah

Today is my birthday. I am 27, and even though we really didn't do anything special this year...I'm sure it will be fabulous. (mostly because Terrence treats me like a Queen, and he makes every day we have together wonderful)
26 was a big year for me. I made a lot of important decisions. I gained friendships that were important in shaping me, and I cut loose some people that were bringing negativity to my life and my marriage. 

I found that writing, reading, health, and travel (above all) are what make me the most content. And I have tried my darndest to pursue them unceasingly. 
I've also struggled with these changes, and in figuring out how best to use my skills and talents in order to contribute to my happiness and to my family. 
Basically an average year. Hopefully this next one will bring clarity, a few more laugh lines on my face (for that would mean I'd been doing a fair amount of chuckling)some more stamps on my passport and more confidence in my purpose. 

Thank you for continuing to read this, for commenting, and for making this whole blog thing worthwhile. 
Happy Birthday to ME! 

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