Terrence and I talk a lot about how a lot of fitness is pretty miserable. I mean, not everything in life can be fun. But you should at least... not mind it.
If you absolutely HATE part of your fitness routine... then you need something else. Life is too short to be unhappy about something like fitness.
So, what to do?
Sometimes I follow the French model of fitness. How French Women Stay Thin (without the Gym)
That link is great,  and it doesn't just apply to women.  I, too, think it's hilarious that we will practically make ourselves cry in the gym whether we're on the treadmill or lifting...but we won't park our car farther away from the grocery store so that we have to walk to the door. We have to have a cart if we are buying charcoal or kitty litter..god forbid we LIFT it and carry it to the register. I mean... fit is fit is fit. If you aren't integrating it into your everyday life.. then you're not getting it.

Do fun stuff. Go rock climbing. Kayak. Take a dance class. Play paintball. Play tennis with a friend. It's your job to keep your body in workable, flexible, lasting shape. Choose activities that actually give you reasons to be fit besides "looking good". Being attractive is not a lasting goal...twirling your 70 year old ass around a dance floor one day IS.

Have fun, be fit xx

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