::It's Totally Ok::

This week's edition of "It's Totally Ok" is about food.
Food is an easy, but silly thing to feel guilty about. Society demands that we feel bad if we overindulge, and then throws a new gourmet cupcake shop in our face. 

No more. 

So, it is completely and utterly ok if:
1. You have a sweet tooth sometimes. Now, I have a lot of friends that are into this whole making protein mug cakes and baking coconut flour tasteless cookies. If that's your answer, good for you. That shit doesn't work for me. If you find yourself fisting a jar of vanilla almond butter, get down sister--cuz I'm with ya. If you are eating chocolate chips right out of the bag once in a while... I can get down with that too. I'm not advocating making this a daily food plan, but if you have a real craving... I don't think you really get any reward points for not having some sweets once in a while. I'd rather have my imperfect body that eats semi sweet morsels and scoops up Justin's version of nutella (it's better, I swear) than to sit and cry to the mountains how strong I am for "not giving in to my cravings". If you want sweet, eat it and be done with it. Maybe do a few extra sprints (or not) tomorrow. 

2. You don't make elaborate meals. I see a lot of recipes on Pinterest and on other blogs and I'm like "Hey, I like cooking! I'll make that!" and then I see the ingredients and the directions, and I'm like "never mind." To me, less is more. If you're using more than 10 ingredients, then I'm not interested. One of my favorite things to make lately is some good quality tuna fish, a package of hummus and some hatch peppers, diced. I mix it all together and voila, healthed-up tuna salad. It's easy, healthy, tasty and it's Terrence approved. Bam. Or for a midday snack I just slice an avocado in half, throw on some salt and pepper and we each eat the half with a spoon. If meal planning and eating are a stress in your life... then you are not prioritizing well. 

And that's all I've got this week. Try that tuna recipe, it's amazing and the hummus gives it a kick that you don't get from mayo. (although, I really love mayo). I also have been trying different hummus flavors... have had nothing but delicious results. 
Stress less, xx

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