The Gift of Time

One of the things that originally drew me to Terrence was that even though he works insane hours, and keeps his body in shape and cares about what he eats, and he travels whenever possible...besides all of these wonderful qualities (although I wish he'd work less), he is generous with his time when it comes to the service of others.

He volunteers with Meals on Wheels, and together we are active in The Humane SocietyBuster's Friends and The United Way. The weekend before last we spent our Saturday doing some manual labor at The United Way Baytown facility. And although it obviously wasn't my ideal way to spend a Saturday, it was another lesson in humility and in giving our time to help others. Being thankful for what we have in our lives is magnified when faced with the hardship of others. It's easy to write off people in need, or ignore them, but when you give your time and compassion to these things, you become richer.

Plus, to be honest, it was a great way to observe the kind of man I married. Hardworking, kind and generous. Sometimes I find that just looking at my life from a different angle can give me the perspective and contentment that I might have been lacking. Was it fun? Not really, but being with Terrence is always a good time. Do I want to do it every Saturday? NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But, our time is the greatest gift we can give, because we only have so much.

What are you giving your time to? Does it serve you or make you better in some way? And...gosh dang it but there is something sexy about a man at work.
Be well, xx

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