During our No Spend November, we have had to squeeze our brains to find creative, fun, free things to do to keep us busy this month. And one weekend we hit on a REALLY great idea.

Do nothing.

I know, I know. It sounds…dumb. But, we never just sit around. It feels like we are always just go-go-go and making plans and researching our next trips, or cleaning, cooking, working out…you get the picture. So, we just sat on the couch, loved up our animals and watched movies. I read Terrence one of the short stories (that's in my 3rd book…not coming out for many moons!) and he taught himself how to play the piano. (My husband is a god among men).

So, that's nice for us… but why do you care? Well, I think we busy ourselves so often with just being busy. Busy feels good. It feels important. Except when we are in a state of constant busy-ness, we transform ourselves (to borrow a quote from my yoga guru) from human beings to human doings.

Sometimes it is best to just BE. Drink in the moment. Everything else is memories and plans for memories. 

As a result, we felt...calmer. More aware of ourselves, of each other. More in tune with our goals, our needs our desires. All from just taking a little break from the constant pitter patter of achievement.

Take some time. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. An hour. A day. Take the time to BE HERE NOW. 
You won't regret it…(and somehow, all of your fitness, lifestyle, career and other goals seem to… feel more tangible.).
xx Be well!

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