:::Happy Napa Time:::

Last week Terrence and I got home from our Napa Valley trip. We spent Christmas there, and although it did end up being difficult to be away from our families, it was relaxing too.

We spent a lot of time drinking, reading, talking and eating. We did a lot of wine tastings, and on the last day it ended up being way too much for this girl. I ended up sick, with nausea and a migraine like I never could have imagined. Terrence called it "delayed hangover" which is a complete fiction. But, whatever it was -OUCH.

We made friends with some of the people on our tours, we had a couple's massage, we spent time in the sauna and generally just took it easy. What a wonderful treat to not have to take care of the animals or vacuum the floor for a few days- it's the little things.  We made sure to take loads of long walks among the winter vines, redwoods and forest trails, and to gaze at views so spectacular--they took our breath away. 

From a replica Medieval Castle (Castello di Amorosa) built with all period materials, to a cave tasting right from the barrels, so many champagne tastings that I am getting a headache typing this-- and all the wineries in between. We will definitely be seeing you soon, Napa.

Our top restaurants: Redd Wood,  Auberge du Soleil, and sandwiches at Giugni Deli

Be well, xx

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