The Dapper Man

Terrence is dapper. That's precisely the word for him. He knows how to dress, and he knows how to wear his clothes. That might sound silly, and you might be thinking, "Alex, nearly everyone knows how to wear clothes, you idiot", but I don't mean the act of covering up one's body for warmth or decency, I mean his clothes hang on him exactly how they are supposed to. They drape him, they embellish him... he wears the clothes, they do not wear him.

A man who knows how to dress may not be a top priority for a sane person in a relationship, because, well, other things are a whole heckuva lot more important, like, honesty, communication, kindness...etc, but it's definitely a bonus. We like to dress up and we like to go out and having a man who knows how and does it well, is definitely a turn on. (Confidence is a turn on, and well-fitting clothes will do the trick.)

So, for your viewing pleasure, I have enclosed above some of my favorite recent dress up shots of Terrence. Because honestly...seeing how good he looks in his dress clothes motivates me to keep myself in shape and look just as good--for the both of us.

See you back here Friday for a recipe that I've been holding a little close to my chest. (it has chocolate in it)

{All dress shirts, pants and ties:Express//Suit: Hugo Boss//Loafers: Cole Haan}

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