///Wild Winter Runs///

It's the New Year! This is the first year, well….ever, that I am not resolving to lose weight. I have gotten to a place over the last year where I find that I am generally happy with my body, and that I have created routines that create a healthier + happier me- daily.

For those of you though, that ARE resolved to get into better shape, I will tell you this, it's all about consistency. Find something you can happily do regularly, (or if not happily, without too much bitching and whining) and then DO IT.  Find a diet or way of eating that makes you feel content, satisfied and healthy. Eat things that feel GOOD. (How can you tell if it feels good? Well, it should feel good while you're eating, AND after you've eaten it. So… like a bowl of frosting feels AMAZING while I'm eating it, but afterward I am begging for someone to kill me.)

For me, I lift a little (2-3 days a week) yoga a little (3 days a week) and I run/jog/prancercise/walk real fast every. single. day. Yup, every day 2.5-4.5 miles. I take Bix, we hit the trails and then we sprint, stop, walk,jog, sprint, sprint, sprint, jog then walk. It's like HIIT cardio, but completely unplanned. Running with my dog keeps me motivated because I can't make excuses. I can't say "oh, it's a rest day" Because, guess what, little dog has to pee. (Like, a lot. And on everything. Like, everything.)

So, don't just jump on a fitness trend that sounds cool, but you know you won't stick with. Find something that works for you. Find something that you will actually make time for. Find something that's kind of fun. Exercise is NOT a blasty, but running around like a little kid after my dog and then giggling when he pees IS kind of fun. Taking myself super seriously and stressing out about workouts and schedules isn't fun, but knowing that whether I like it or not, that dog needs a walk, is motivating to me.
Make your fitness work for you, and then focus your attention on something else. It's just fitness, it's nothing to flip out about.
What active things or snack do you use to motivate + stay on track?

Be well, be fit, have fun, and Namaste y'all!

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