This is Not a Curry Recipe

This is not a curry recipe. It really isn't. I mean, by the end of this post you could possibly have a good idea on how to throw together some vegetable curry, but this is not a curry recipe.

Alright, you've been warned.

Ok, so I know that curry is supposedly, "really easy to make!" and that it's "cheap and simple!" But lately, I have been wanting something...uber simplified. Even though I work from home, I still feel like all of the minutes in my hours are pretty full. It's a race from errand to errand, chore to chore, worklist and checklist, revising-editing-writing-writing-writing.

When I see a recipe on a website or a blog and it has more than 10 ingredients. Forget about it. If it has the words "food processor", you've lost me. If it says to "cut" or "fold" something into the batter or dough or whatever..then I peace out. I'm just not interested.

I like to cook, but I like things as simple as possible so that I can get back to writing or researching or reading or snuggling my hot-man-candy (That's Terrence).

So, I present to you, something that is most certainly NOT a curry recipe, but if you follow the directions you will have a pretty tasty curry dish.

Veggies of choice. I used:
1lb (maybe???) fingerling potatoes
8-10 oz. cauliflower
8-10 oz. broccoli
1 medium sweet onion
12 oz. (or so?)  green beans
Jar of Curry Simmer Sauce (I used the Red Curry from Trader Joe's)
Curry seasoning, salt, pepper to taste
*All veggies organic when possible

Roast all vegetables at 400*F until cooked. ~20 minutes
Pour all veggies into a large shallow skillet/sauce pan/whatever you can get it all to fit in.
Simmer with the Curry Sauce about 3 minutes. (basically until the curry sauce is as warm as the vegetables)

Like I said, it's not really curry...but it's really tasty, it's pretty darn fast and if you serve it over rice/quinoa/mix of both/ then it's a filling meal that will feed Terrence and I for 3 dinners.

You're welcome.

Be well, eat well.
Namaste Y'all!

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