If the Shoe FITS///

As many of you know, I am a proud ambassador for Skora Running. I don't wear any other athletic shoes. Ever.

I first fell in love with the Phase model and have been disgustingly loyal. The phase is made from synthetic materials, and I always seem to get the most colorful pairs. (HQ obvi has my number) They are thin, light, and strengthen my foot while protecting my stride. I can throw them in the washer and they are ready to run again the next day. They. Are. Perfect.
 The puppy (and by puppy I mean adult dog) and I run and walk through mud, water, and clay. We run in the rain, we run in the hot Texas sun, and sometimes I run with him in my arms because he's tired. (I am too, but I am grown-ass adult)

When they first pitched the idea of the new Skora Fit, I was kind of like, "meh". I mean, I am head over heels for the Phase! I need no other shoe! But then I received the Fit in the mail and I was like... "Ok, hot pink and blue like my first pair of Phase...this is good" and then...I wore them. I'm not kidding. Guys. I'm. Not. Kidding. It's like wearing a thin cloud. I can still feel my run, and I'm still enjoying that superior ground feel that I get in my Phase... but from my own miniature thin clouds that hug my feet while I run. It felt...almost immoral. I am now polyamorous. I love two models of Skora's shoes. 
hey girl, heyyy

For shame.

Now, in all serious, I'm really not hyperbolizing. (Is that a word? Whatever. It is now.) When you spend most of your life feeling awkward, uncomfortable and unsure of what you are doing when it comes to athletics, finding a good shoe is a lot more important than I would have thought. Skora changed the way I run, and my confidence in my training...and the color choices make running enjoyable. Plus, it doesn't matter if I run 2 miles, walk 9, bike 40, or lift heavy...the shoes fit right, tight, cushion in the right places, and leave my foot to be it's own cushion in the others. It transitions through all of my activities. And the Fit is a step better, because, like I said, it's like an embrace from a cloud on your foot as you move through your workouts. 

Try 'em out, I'm sure they'll be a perfect FIT. (See what I did there? Huh? Clever, right?) 

Visit SkoraRunning.com and tell 'em Nolandia sent ya. 
Namaste y'all!

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