Kick Up Your Heels

It's spring. In Houston we are having the most glorious weather, but sometimes I realize that I'm not enjoying it. And it seems like no one else is either. People are so busy around the city, driving to work, walking to class, shopping, running errands, getting their workout in. It's....tiring even watching them.

I was running with the pup the other day, and it seemed like every time I looked around me, I saw something gorgeous. Flowers blooming, the green of the trees overhead-- so green it was almost blinding. The clear, cloudless day above, and the scent of what was either honeysuckle or lilac or some other very cloyingly sweet flower. And for a moment I forgot to check my pace, and for a moment I forgot to urge the dog to go faster. I just stopped. And I sat on a bench, the dog happily sniffing all around, glad to have a rest to smell all of the earthy scents. And I just...laid down and enjoyed it. I took a moment to LITERALLY smell the flowers before I ran past them. And it felt good. 

Let's just remember why we're rushing around. Let's be reminded of the things in life that make it all worth it. To take note of the beauty everywhere. Because soon enough spring & summer will be ending, and we will be dreaming of the warm temperatures and the beauty of the colors around us. 

Take it all in. Do it today, do it often. 

Enjoy. xx

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