Wide, Wild, Everywhere

It's out! My 3rd book is finally published and available in the United States on Kindle and in Paperback, and in Europe on Kindle and Paperback. I am absolutely ecstatic to share this work of short stories with all of you, and am so grateful for the support and love I have received while I was working on this, whether from texts, or messages on Facebook, Instagram, calls on the phone...my friends + readers are the bombdotcom. 

So, what is it about? Here's the synopsis from Amazon:
10 lives. 10 cities. 10 stories. 
Wide, Wild, Everywhere is a trip through various lives, experiences, attitudes and adventures. From a man who bristles at the kindness of others, to a woman desperately trying to piece together the life she has never lived, or a girl haunted by her hatred for her long-dead sister... and all things in between. 

A reminder of how all life is connected, except when it's not. And how much we need each other, except when we don't. The stories weave in an out of each other, shedding light onto what it means to wander this world, and the heartbreaking (or heartwarming?) fact that wherever you go...there you are.

So, that's the gist of it. It really is a character study of why we travel, why we long for escape... what we find when we get there... and how everyone around us...the world over... is struggling and succeeding the same way we are. Some of the stories are haunting, some are fantasy...others are melodramatic or romantic. Other stories are about redemption of character, about finding yourself...and they are all about the choices we make to LIVE.  

I am already working on the next book... a longer historical fiction novel set on Lake Michigan on a becalmed schooner. It will take me some time to write this one, ( a year or more.)So please share, read, travel, and meet me back here tomorrow. 

United States


PS: My friend Maria, in Italy, downloaded the kindle app on her iPad, bought the kindle version of the book from amazon.it, and was reading it in 3 minutes. So, it really is easy! Grab that kindle app if you don't have it yet and get reading!

xx travel often, smile constantly and namaste y'all!

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