Minty Mint Tea

See what I did with that title? Huh? Pretty clever, right?

So, today, because we are still in Paris, just a quick note on one of my favorite things... IN THE WORLD.
In Amsterdam + Belgium (and probably a lot of other places too) a very popular drink choice is fresh mint tea. They literally take a bunch of mint leaves, stuff them into a glass (never a mug) and then pour blindingly hot water over them. And it makes this...incredibly refreshing tea.

Now, I know what you're thinking... "I'll save myself the plane ticket and make that at home" which is exactly what this post is about. (Not that I would ever refuse a trip to Amsterdam. If I MUST go, I will do so, for King and Country. Or whatever.)

Instead of buying tea bags that are now surrounded by controversy,(Toxic Tea Brands Full Article)
grab some organic mint from your local grocer and make it yourself. After it's brewed you can drink it hot, or pour it over ice for the perfect warmer-weather drink.

Because, if you can't go to Amsterdam, you might as well bring one of the highlights to you.

Sip up and dream of stroopwaffel. And genever. And...other substances that are popular in Amsterdam. (Like clogs.)

xx See you back here Wednesday!

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