A Walk to Ravello

When one stays in Amalfi, and is cramming pizza and pasta and all kinds of delicious things into one's face....then one must supplement by walking to Ravello.

Ravello is a glorious city high up in the hills above Amalfi/Atrani. You can take a bus (and probably throw up. The hairpin turns around those cliffs are insanity.) Or, you can walk. Every time I have been to Amalfi, with my mom or with Terrence, we have selected a day, woken up extra early in a futile attempt to beat the heat, and walked the 3km or whatever it is straight up the crumbling Roman steps. 

The pictures above should give you an impression of what this looks like. The steps go on forever, they change in height and width constantly, and are definitely not up to code. Last time, on our honeymoon, the prospect of gorgeous wide-sweeping views of the coast quickly turned into hatred and bickering as the stairs refused to end, our tempers ran short, and our legs began to shake with abandon. 
This time, we resolved to have a good attitude, and what a wonderful difference it made. 

We laughed, we stopped to smooch, we took water breaks and pointed out lovely sights to each other...and I think because we are both in better shape, that the climb was actually less difficult. (Though, there was still plenty of sweat and leg shaking). 
We got to Ravello, toured the villas, Terrence bought Princess Alex a cameo carved by a local artisan and then after some hazelnut gelato, we got to, (you guessed it!) climb back down. Which may have been worse than up, but still morale was high, and kisses were given aplenty. 

Honestly, it wasn't the most glamorous part, or the most relaxing, but it was my favorite part of our trip. A little teamwork, a little attitude adjustment and some exercise. Adrenaline is good for relationships.


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