Return to Northern Michigan

Tonight the Nolandians will climb onto a jet plane and glide on over to the land of my birth. We are visiting my family in Michigan, and in a sense, filling my soul back up, as too long away from the Great Lakes State leaves me hollow. 

Truth be told though, I have been living, in spirit, on those shores these past months anyway. My 4th book, which I am in the process of editing/reviewing/getting editor feedback on, is set on Lake Huron, and chronicles a voyage in the 1820s between Detroit and Mackinac Island. I am so excited for you, dearest reader, to see it for yourself. 

In the meantime, we are excited to drink cherry wine, ride our bikes, and spend time in the lakeside sunshine. If you've never been to Michigan in the summer (or late summer) then you are missing out. It is easily one of the most beautiful and brilliant places on Earth. If you haven't yet, check out my article on it for Coast to Coast Central (Lake Michigan Summers)

Also, to celebrate, my second book, set in a real, spooky, Traverse City mental asylum is discounted on Amazon in both the paperback and kindle formats. Give it a read and find yourself transported to Lake Michigan with me. 
Shears of Fate on Amazon

Au revoir, meet you back here Tuesday for an easy recipe, and lookout for my upcoming posts from this trip! 

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