Goodbye Summer Sangria

Recently, Terrence and I went floating down the Guadalupe River with a group of friends. If you have  ever partaken of this glorious summer pastime, you know that the  main purpose is drinking, getting a tan and trying to find a way to contort your body so that you don't look fat in the tube. Usually, libation of choice is beer. And, I like beer. But, not that much. And not int the sun. And not for hours. And not when it makes me bloat (especially when my body is contorted into a strange shape).

So, I decided to make myself a jug of cool, white sangria with lots of fruit and flavor. I stumbled upon a recipe online, and realized I had struck liquid gold. I used peaches, pineapples, mangoes and blueberries. It turned out LOVELY. In fact, so lovely, that most of the people in my group were clamoring for "just a little bite of peach!" or "just one more sip! I promise!" If bringing sangria to a beer party was ever looked down upon, then it is no longer. Feel free to sip this fruity summer sweetness whenever you please. 

Gather together:
Sweet white wine. Cava, Prosecco, Moscato, Gewurtztraminer, or Riesling. (I used a semi-sweet Riesling)
Triple Sec
Lemon Juice
Cut fruit of your choice

Click the following to head on over to WineFolly to score the recipe. (Listed as the White Peach and Cava recipe on the website) It's LEGIT: Sangria Recipe

 See ya back here Thursday! xx

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