Skora Tempo

Ok, I make no bones about it, I love Skora Running. I literally do not wear any other brand of shoes when I am working out, running, walking the dog, hiking, biking...basically any time that I am doing something physical. I have sang their glories on this blog, time and again.
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Their newest shoe is less performance/minimalist, and instead, in layman's speak, has a little more oomph. A little more cushion, a little arch support all tied up in an incredibly attractive shoe. (and as you can see above, the pup enjoyed that new show smell to no end)

For me, their Phase + Phase-X models are the tops, but the Tempo was a welcome change. My feet are used to a more natural, minimalist feel from the Phase, but the extra padding was awesome for trail running, or basically just any uneven surfaces. My ankle feels more supported and the shoe itself is, in my unsophisticated opinion,  a Skora take on a more "traditional" running shoe, but of course, with their own spin and cool color ways.

I wish this was more sophisticated, but, that would be disingenuous. The most I really know about running is that I like doing it, or at least I do ever since I found Skora. If I gave you specs and technical information, I would be lying, because those things don't matter to me. What matters for me, when being active, is that my feet are comfortable, the shoes are light, and that a company makes shoes not only to suit my feet, but a range of running abilities and workouts, so that I can recommend them to my friends and family.

Anyway, I'm not a marathoner, I'm just a girl who likes to move. And every year, Skora puts out a shoe that I am not only pumped to get on my foot, but that actually makes my workout better. Win-win? The Tempo is an awesome addition to their already stellar line of athletic shoes, and if you're like my husband, and need a good arch and ankle stability, this is your perfect fit. (But I still love Phase best. Long may Phase reign)

xx and run a little, you look like you need to blow off some steam.

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